09/Aprile/2020 | 05:43

Italy Today Tv

Italy Today Tv

Run Away or Stay

Dal Gargano a Cambridge, la storia di Andrea e Marco

La storia, le storie, dell'emigrazione giovanile, tra voglia di partire e restare, straordinariamente raccontate da due ragazzi di Manfredonia, Andrea e Marco Nasuto (22 e 24 anni) con un documentario presentato a giugno alla University of Cambridge

«Only new energies can bring new opportunities. We know that just a few places of this spur are part of our work. But we have been lucky enough in our life to see Italy and Gargano from a larger prospective where the local peculiarities and differences are just invisible to who was not born here. We think Gargano is, for lots of reasons, just a small portrait, a mirror of what Italy is as a whole. Describing it means describing Italy in a way. This is not a documentary only about Gargano. It is about your community. It is about running away or staying in the place where everyone was born. Wherever you were born».